Hi, I'm Candace! If you are a long time friend or acquaintance, you may know me as Candi. Dragonfly.nu (along with falconess.net) is my very old, very dusty website. I've had a website in some form or other since 1999 starting with a cheesy Geocities site. Once I learned to code, I moved on to Angelfire and eventually purchased my own domain name.

Way back then, it cost $35 a year to own gamergirl.net. Hosting was about $30 a month! It was worth it because of the community that grew around it and all the long lasting friendships I made. It started with a message board community on Ezboard, which eventually moved to my own server with the Esper forums using the old Ikonboard script. We upgraded to a Vbulletin script and the Luminescence forums were born!

As some point I tired of the gamergirl.net moniker and switched to jumi.org. Eventually jumi.org became falconess.net and falconess.net became dragonfly.nu. Of all these domains, only falconess.net and dragonfly.nu remain in my possession. My website has housed webrings, fan sites to video game characters, blogs, message boards, roleplays, my own webhosting service and all sorts of sitely experiments.

In its current form, dragonfly.nu contains my digital art gallery and now a tiny blog about my media consumption and hobbies. It has been sitting dormant for many years, but 2021 is the year I plan to do more with it.

My blog is mostly about games, television, film and books. I might talk about my cats and any random hobby I pick up (I collect hobbies like others collect trading cards).

The current layout uses official artwork and sprites from the Square Enix video game Legend of Mana. I've always wanted a blog using the artwork of L'il Cactus writing in his journal. I luff him. <3

You can also find me at these places:

Twitter - Goodreads - Letterboxed