art related links/favorite artists

Brian Froud | Stephanie Pui-Mun Law | Luis Royo | Jonathon Earl Bowser | Amy Brown | David Delamare | Sue Dawe | Michael Parkes | Daz 3d | Renderosity | Poser | ShareCG

gaming sites i visit

ggsgamer.com | legendofmana.info | worldofwarcraft.com | gamefaqs.com

neat people i know ♥

asynjur.com | domynoes.com | furious-angel.com | honeybee-inn.net | hydroxide.co.uk | jemjabella.co.uk | oceanflare.net | pioneerproject.net | psyche.nu | qrayg.com | venusgospel.net | wild-seven.org | zanarkand.net

For anyone looking for the old message board, Luminescence is undergoing indefinite technical maintenance. Sorry. I wanted to keep it archived for you guys, but advancements in php and board software eventually overcame it. If forums ever become relevant again, I'll be more than happy to put more effort into restoring it, but for now it is taking a much needed slumber. We have a sleepy Discord channel if you want to reconnect.